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Blessing guide In Tibia

Article by Fsye

When you die on Tibia you will lose 10 percent of your experience, magic level, skills…But where can buy blessings? For higher level players this is quite a lot, but it can be reduced. For free account players it can be reduced to 6 percent and for premium account players even to 2 percent. A first thing premium account players should have to reduce their death penalty is a vocation promotion. This promotion will cost you 20k and you have it for the rest of your live (as long as you’re premium). It reduces your death penalty to 7 percent, and you don’t lose your promotion when you die.

Further you have 5 blessings. Each blessing reduces your death penalty with 1 percent, so your 5 blessing will reduce your death penalty to 5 percent. Free account players can only buy 4 blessings, because one of the blessings is located on a premium place. In contradiction with the promotion, you will lose your blessings when you die, so every time you die you have to buy them again. Each blessing will cost you 10k, so if you have them all and you die, you lose 50k. The 5 blessings all have a name; the spiritual shielding, the embrace of tibia, the wisdom of solitude, the spark of the phoenix and the fire of the suns.

The spiritual shielding can be bought at the White Flower temple south of Thais. On the first floor of this building is the NPC that sells blessings. The embrace of Tibia can be bought north of Carlin right of the coloured stones that are standing in a circle. The NPC is on the first floor. The wisdom of solitude can be bought at Eremo. Eremo is a guy living on an island located between Edron and Cormaya and is accessible from the boat at Cormaya. Free account players can’t buy this blessing. The fire of the suns can be bought south of Ab’Dendriel in the so called Suntower. An NPC located on the top of this tower will sell this blessing to you.

The last blessing, the spark of the phoenix is a little bit harder to get. You have to receive this blessing from 2 people. First of all you have to go to an NPC called Kawill to get the first part of this blessing. After that an NPC called Pydar will give you the second part of the blessing for 10k, or for 9k if you have a Phoenix Egg with you. He won’t take the Phoenix Egg, you just get discount on the blessing and that’s it. Both NPC’s are at Kazordoon.

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