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Arcadia 7.6 Trailer “”

Servidor del classico tibia 7.6, con una perfecta recreación al clasico pvp. 100% Español, impresionantes quest, sistema de batallas sin perdida de lvl ni items! Sin duda hay que probarlo para creerlo. Registrare ahora en la dirección de la WEB! WEB: Foro: IP:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I was able to solo diablo which was a major pain since hes amazingly strong on normal its almost impossible to beat him if you dont have a spell that makes u immortal for so many seconds.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “Arcadia 7.6 Trailer “””

  1. TheSantIBZ pisze:

    Aqui se demuestra quien es el mejor.

  2. Kung Fu pisze:

    Ese programa es de pago, necesitas crackearlo o comprarlo.

  3. Carlitos Romera pisze:

    Qual es el link pa descargarse el Sony Vegas Pro?

  4. Kung Fu pisze:

    Sony Vegas Pro 9

  5. Ivan Petkov pisze:

    Hi, have you considered “Diablo 3 Maxout Turbo” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a nice free video showing the best way to speed run Diablo 3. It made it possible for Pete to speed level in Diablo 3 and consequently max out his character very quickly. It might help you also…

  6. mobidiesright pisze:

    I probably should have gotten that instead of this. But there were alot of people telling me to get this. I guess they feel bad for ever recommending it in the first place seeing now that its no good. But I can presume that there are alot of people that didnt expect this game to play out the way it did.

  7. Gam3rsMedia pisze:

    You have to buy Starcraft games, cuz they are what made blizzard. Not diablo

  8. mobidiesright pisze:

    I think its when i got to this part that i realized what a shitty game this was. But its ok. This was my second blizzard game that i played in 10 years. And its safe to say that i wont buy another one again

  9. mike028011 pisze:

    now im lvl 31 and i killed the final boss
    now im in the hardmode soo how u dooo

  10. mike028011 pisze:

    im lvl 29 lol….

  11. majortom232 pisze:

    To use more then one skill you have to turn on elective skills in the gameplay options

  12. ajsmith11864 pisze:

    Correction: under 3 minutes not 2.

  13. ajsmith11864 pisze:

    …Then use ur slow time with the ruin that increases damage, followed by the wave force with the ruin that increases damage. Then start using ur arcane torrent with the ruin that makes it fire in all directions but increases its damage greatly. All that while in the slow time bubble will drain him very quickly. Once ur crystal shell wears off run. Keep running til ur skills recharge, then do it all again. After doing this twice, you will be done with his first phase in about 30 seconds

  14. ajsmith11864 pisze:

    I just beat Diablo solo and was also a level 31 wizard and they entire battle was under 2 minutes. The first and last phase were a joke. His second phase was difficult. Took 3 tries to beat him. Now You need to fix ur skill bar big time. What you should is first have ur familiar with the ruin that increases ur damage equipted before do is immediately run right up to him. Use ur crystal shell with the ruin that absorbs damage and throws it back to him…

  15. fingertalkin pisze:

    use mirror image to confuse him a bit

  16. Chelsea Sheffield pisze:

    How are you using both the hydra and meteor, and frost nova with diamond skin? I can’t figure out how to choose more than one from the things.